Hi there! I’m Robyn.

I’m a Canadian registered nurse turned stay-at-home wife and mom to three wonderful little ones 3-and-under.

I am passionate about my primary job of loving my husband and kids well, and striving to do all that I do to the glory of God. I also have discovered a newfound love of blogging, hence why you are reading this!

Before having children, I had all these lofty ideals of how I would feed my family nothing but farm-to-table, made-from-scratch gourmet meals…then reality hit, and I found some days it was a challenge to just get any kind of dinner at all on the table! After a brief but tumultuous identity crisis, I started to figure out systems and strategies to help with the kitchen overwhelm. I’m definitely still a work-in-progress, but I’ve come so far from those early chaotic days of desperately making grilled cheese with a crying baby on my hip. I’m sure I can’t be the only mama who sometimes struggles when it comes to feeding my family, so I launched my blog with the intent of sharing my experience and what I’m learning in the hopes that it will be of help other frazzled moms.

It is my hope that, through these posts, you will find a community that resonates with you and inspiration to help you out in your kitchen (and in every aspect of your mom-life!)

I’d love to meet you! Drop me a line at robyn@thrivewithrobyn.blog and introduce yourself!