My Experience with RUVI and Pregnancy

If you’re anything like me, you know that fruits and veggies are a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and are especially important during pregnancy when you are “eating for two”. Sometimes the challenges of being pregnant (morning/all-day sickness, food cravings and aversions, smell sensitivity, fatigue, etc.) make it a real challenge to reach those nutritional goals. That’s why I was so very, very excited when RUVI was launched into the marketplace part-way through my pregnancy.

If you’ve followed me on Facebook or here on the blog at all, you’ve probably seen my posts about the RUVI Health Challenge and my experiences with that. If not, please do check out those other posts here!

What I wanted to do now, in my final week (or days…or hours…) before this baby arrives is just summarize all of my experiences with RUVI during this pregnancy in one spot for easy reference. So, here we go!

Pregnancy Woes

For the first four months of this current pregnancy, I stayed close to my bucket and practically lived on soda crackers and ginger. Opening the fridge assaulted my nose with food smells, sending me running once more, and cooking for my family was a definite challenge! Even going to the grocery store was a struggle due to morning sickness. In that season, even with the blessing of my pantry full of Thrive Life goodness, my family and I were definitely not getting in our full daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Coming into my second trimester of pregnancy, I had none of my usual energy for having adventures with my family, and I was really discouraged due to the seemingly never-ending nausea. Usually, I pride myself in feeding my family healthy, natural foods that are minimally processed, but for some reason I incessantly craved fast food (especially French fries!) and some days that was almost the only thing I could keep down! I started to feel a little better as the first trimester stretched further out behind me, but I definitely was not getting the burst of energy or feeling the “glow” of my pregnancy!

Enter RUVI

All the RUVI Blends – Focus, Boost, Clean, and Active – 26 different whole fruits and vegetables!

Right around the halfway point of my pregnancy, RUVI was launched into the world! I was fortunate enough to be present at the major launch event and taste a sample, and I was so excited that I placed my order as soon as I got home that evening. Once it arrived, I started drinking RUVI every day. As part of the RUVI Health Challenge, I committed to getting 10 servings of 1/2 cup of fruits and vegetables every day – each RUVI provides 4 of those. I was absolutely shocked how the simple act of getting enough fruits and vegetables transformed my pregnancy and my overall health!

Benefits I’ve Experienced

Since intentionally focusing on consuming 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every single day, I’ve noticed so many changes and benefits! Check out my massive list below:

  • Reduced/eliminated morning sickness (probably partly due to my pregnancy progressing, but I typically drink a RUVI first thing in the morning and have had barely any more issues with nausea throughout the day)
  • No more junk food cravings (maybe because my body is getting all the micronutrients it needs from the fruits and veggies?? I actually find myself craving RUVI now, and will often have another for a snack later in the day)
  • Better overall diet (10 servings of fruits and veggies are filling! I don’t have room for the less nutritious options I previously gravitated towards)
  • Better pregnancy weight gain (I didn’t pack on as many pounds this time as with my previous babies!)
  • Happier, healthier digestive system (those pregnancy hormones and a growing baby can slow everything way, way down, but I’ve found RUVI, with all the natural fibre, counteracts that quite beautifully… enough said!)
  • Improved immunity (past pregnancies, I would get every cold and bug my kids had and more! This time around, there have been numerous times where I will emerge from several days of wiping runny noses and stay perfectly healthy!)
  • Better skin (I had winter eczema all over my hands, and hormonal acne flaring up – both gone!)
  • Hair and nail growth (in past pregnancies, I noticed my hair and nails were nicer, but this time is noticeably more so! I don’t think they’ve ever grown so quickly, or been so strong with so little breakage)
  • More energy (especially here at the end, I’m feeling the late-pregnancy fatigue, but it’s nothing like the crushing exhaustion I had at the beginning of my pregnancy when my body’s nutrition was so poor)
  • No leg cramps (I don’t know if this is related at all, but I would have horrible leg cramps during both my other pregnancies, and I’ve had none this time around!)
  • Better mood (pregnancy can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me, just ask my long-suffering husband, but I notice a definite improvement in my mood when I’m feeding my body and brain well)
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar on track (I’ve never had issues with either, but throughout my pregnancy all my numbers have been right where they should be)
  • Better hydration (after I drink my RUVI, I’ll fill up my blender bottle with water to get every last bit, and then I find I am more conscious to drink enough water throughout the day)
  • Convenience (out of curiosity, I spent a week tracking my typical fruit and vegetable intake pre-RUVI – I would average 6-7 servings a day, not even close to the recommended 10! Shopping for and prepping that much produce for a family is really time consuming, and RUVI is so helpful to make sure we are getting enough even when life is busy! )
  • Cost (produce prices here in Canada can be crazy! I actually did a comparison shopping trip, where I bought the same fruits and veggies in equivalent serving sizes to a one-week supply of RUVI. Firstly, there were only 18 of the 26 different fruits and vegetables that make up the four different RUVI blends available at my local grocery store. I purchased enough of the 18 fruits and veggies that I did find to make up roughly 28 half-cup servings (the equivalent of one week of RUVI). My total bill for all that “fresh” produce was almost $15 more than I spend on RUVI! )

Concluding Thoughts

Ready to pop with this baby!

I’ve become a steadfast fan of RUVI after experiencing first-hand the benefits from drinking it as part of my 10-a-day fruit and veggie commitment. In my opinion, there is nothing not to love about it! I am so excited to keep on putting a priority on my health, feeding my body and my baby well through birth, breastfeeding, and beyond! I am also really excited to see how RUVI can be a part of my post-partum recovery and mesh with the exciting and challenging health and fitness goals I have set for myself after this pregnancy! But more on that later… first I need to go have a baby!

Do you consume 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily? How do you set a priority on your health even in the busy and often challenging seasons of pregnancy and motherhood? Share your comments below!

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