Busy Mom Tricks to Save Time in the Kitchen

Do you ever feel like your whole life as a mom revolves around never-ending meals and snacks? Or wish that there was a way to spend less time in the kitchen every day while still feeding your family well? The following are some of my favourite time-saving tricks that I have found helpful in my busy season of mom-life with a toddler, pre-toddler, and baby-on-the-way.

Prep your Produce

I like to do as much produce prep as I can as soon as I get home from the grocery store. I will usually fill my sink up with cold water and vinegar and dump in all my produce to wash it. Then when it comes to snacking on something like apples or bananas, they’re all ready to go.

Ideally, I’ll have a few minutes to slice up some veggies too and put them in special produce-saving containers in my fridge. Then they’re ready for snacking, or for tossing into whatever recipe I’m making.

Use Great Tools

I have certain small appliances and kitchen gadgets that I would be hard-pressed to cook without. For example, I use my stand mixer all the time to create homemade bread, cookies, and pizza dough. My immersion blender is the best when it comes to making creamy soups (no more messy ladling hot liquid into a conventional blender!). I have a favourite spatula, a favourite cookie sheet, a favourite frying pan. I’m a steadfast fan of my crockpot, and am growing to appreciate my Instant Pot more and more each time I use it. I’ve found having the right tool, not necessarily anything elaborate or expensive, but just a device that does exactly what I need it to do, saves me a great deal of time and frustration in my kitchen.

Plan and Prep your Meals

If you’ve read anything on the blog, you’ll know that meal planning and meal prep are some of my favourite topics! In my experience, they are the single best way to save time (as well as money and stress) in the kitchen!

Just a few of my favourite planning/prepping tips:

  • have a meal plan rotation so you’re not starting from scratch every time (see this post for more on that!)
  • write out your meal plan somewhere visible (like your fridge) so you stick to it
  • plan 1-2 meal prep time slots each month where you can spend 2-3 hours in your kitchen without interruptions
  • use some of your meal prep times to make meals in jars, crock pot dump dinners, freezer meals, etc. to use for those hectic days (or to prep for a new baby!)
  • plan out and prep snacks so you have healthy options easily available for you and your kiddos

Talk to your Friends

I am constantly learning new tips and tricks from my friends, and from the way they manage their kitchens. Ask them what they do to save on time, and get some of their favourite recipes! It’s a great way to shake things up in your kitchen, and build relationships. Do they have a favourite cook book or blog? A specialty grocery store they love? Brilliant mom-life hack? You can learn a ton of time-saving tips just by asking your friends!

What do you do to save on time in your kitchen? Share your comments below!

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