My RUVI Health Challenge Update: 6 Weeks In!

Have you ever wished it was as easy to be healthy as it is to be unhealthy? What if getting top-quality fruits and veggies was easier than the fastest fast food? Wouldn’t that make it a little easier to say no to the junk and yes to solid nutrition? After 6 weeks of my RUVI Health Challenge, I can truly say I have experienced just that!

For the last 42 days, I have had at least 10 servings of fruits and veggies every single day without exception. I don’t think I could say that of any other time period in my life! And far from getting sick of drinking RUVI, I love it more than ever! There are even days where I will have a second RUVI as a bedtime snack because it tastes so good and my body craves it! And the benefits are huge for me – in spite of all the pregnancy hormones and an ever-growing baby putting pressure on things, my digestive system is happier than it’s ever been. My skin is much more clear, with almost no more eczema or acne issues. I’m consistently staying well-hydrated. I haven’t had any issues with leg cramps, and barely any swelling. For the first time this pregnancy, I’m on track with my weight gain instead of being over like I was with both my previous kiddos. I’m no longer craving junk foods and empty calories. And all of that in only a few seconds a day – four servings of fruits and veggies with no grocery shopping, washing, peeling, or chopping required!

As far as the other aspects of the health challenge go, I must confess I have not been quite as consistent. Eliminating fast food was surprisingly easy – I’m much more full throughout the day with all the fruits and vegetables I’m consuming, and I find that I’m no longer craving the salt of French fries or the fat of a burger like I used to. Getting my daily 7,500 steps, however, has become a bit more challenging since the snow and ice arrived – I find myself lacking motivation many days to bundle my kids up into the stroller and get out there for a walk. I do still try to keep up with my home workout videos though, and get almost my required steps just by completing errands or my daily tasks around the house. I have noticed my energy levels dipping again as I enter my third trimester, and struggle with insomnia, but I think this challenge is a good motivator to keep me moving even if I don’t quite make it to my step goal every single day.

I’m never one to recommend something unless I’ve tried it myself, and believe it has value and benefit. And after 42 days of drinking RUVI, I unequivocally recommend it! Even my husband and kids are loving RUVI, and we really can’t think of a single negative thing about it!

Want to join the RUVI revolution? Contact me for a sample, or go ahead and order some yourself! I know you’ll love it!

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