Before & After: My Kitchen Revolution

Eating well is important to me. I want the meals I create to be more that just the bare nutritional essentials – my vision for feeding my family is much bigger. I dream of meals that bring family and friends around my table to share in conversation and forge relationships that last a lifetime, all the while enjoying healthy, delicious food that is a delight to all the senses. It’s a tall order, and I have had to acknowledge with a good dose of humility that most of my cooking would not make it anywhere close to the cover of a food magazine! But even in my current season of busy mom-life, gearing up for three under three when this baby arrives, I don’t have to wholly toss my grandiose aspirations. Thanks to Thrive Life and the revolution it has worked in my kitchen, those dreams just need to be tweaked a little…


I used to be stuck in a vicious cycle of getting groceries, trying new recipes, tossing little bits of leftover ingredients that went bad, and getting more groceries. I was often stressed out about what to cook for dinner, opening the fridge at 4:30 and hoping inspiration would jump out and grab me. I found adjusting to life with first one baby, and then two children, and the often-frantic attempt to get some kind of dinner on the table before anyone had a tired, grumpy meltdown, to be a definite challenge to my farm-to-table, gourmet aspirations. There were nights where my husband came home from work to a crying baby and a crying wife and we ordered pizza. Then factor in toddler tastebuds and preferences, pregnancy morning sickness, and the logistics of getting two little ones loaded up and off to the grocery store, and suddenly things in my kitchen were not quite the way I had envisioned them.


I was introduced to Thrive Life just shortly after I had my first baby, and to be honest, it took a while for me to really buy in. I enjoyed snacking on the fruit, but it took me several months (and a good deal of desperation!) before I actually started to use freeze-dried foods in my every-day cooking. Now, looking back, I wonder why I didn’t start sooner!

  • I used Thrive Life food to make healthy, home-made baby food for both my kids in a rich variety of textures and flavours I would never have done otherwise
  • I use Thrive Life to add extra veggies to most meals in a way that doesn’t offend picky eaters
  • I keep Thrive Life food in my diaper bag at all times – mess-free snacking that’s good for both me and my kids!
  • I used Thrive Life food as part of a postpartum eating plan to lose all my baby weight between pregnancies
  • I use Thrive Life to make sure my family and I are getting our daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies
  • I use Thrive Life food to get away with only going grocery shopping two or three times a month
  • I use Thrive Life to stay on plan and on budget with my groceries
  • I use Thrive Life to get dinner on the table in a fraction of the time without sacrificing on nutrition
  • I could go on, but you get the idea!

I really have found Thrive Life to be such a tremendous help in the busyness of mom life. I can honestly say that it is a rare day now when my family and I are not munching on something freeze-dried. I am thoroughly convinced that we eat better and are healthier, and I am less stressed when it comes to feeding my family, all because of Thrive Life. That’s why I am so passionate about this food and want to share it with everyone!

Do you share any of the struggles I related? Contact me for more tips and tricks, and to try this amazing food. It has transformed my kitchen, and I know it can spark a revolution in your kitchen too!

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