My RUVI Health Challenge: Update – 3 Weeks In!

Here I am, 21 days into my 90-day RUVI Health Challenge, and the time is just flying by! When I started this challenge, I really didn’t know what to expect…I figured I was generally a fairly healthy person, although four months of morning sickness had taken a lot of the wind out of my sails. I must say though, this has really been an enlightening three weeks for me. I wasn’t prepared for the challenges of this challenge, or for the benefits I would reap…

The First Week…

I started this challenge with the highest of expectations. In cocky confidence, I strapped on my Fitbit, took my RUVI and shaker bottle out of the box, and bid farewell to fast food. Drinking RUVI was the easiest part – I love all the flavours, and the thick smoothie texture. I even started to use my shaker bottle as a water bottle afterwards to get every last bit of fruit and veggie goodness! Even in the first few days, I noticed a big improvement in my hydration levels (hard to miss with a little one doing gymnastic routines on top of your bladder!). If I don’t drink enough, I will get headaches, and I had no more headaches! It also gave me a definite energy boost throughout my day – I found that in the afternoons I would tuck my kiddos into their beds at nap time, but then instead of flopping on the couch I had energy for some organization projects around the house!

I went for walks with friends, pushing my kids in my jogging stroller and feeling a real sense of accomplishment. That is, until I checked my Fitbit and saw how few steps I was logging. I marched around my house in circles some evenings, vigorously moving my arms, determined to get those 7,500 steps. I found myself getting so frustrated, and so discouraged! How was it possible that I was such a couch potato when I have two little ones to chase after all day long? How could it be that I could walk for an hour or more, and yet still have only 5,000 or 6,000 steps?? And then I saw it. “Outdoor Cycling”. My wonderful little device was realizing that my arms were not swinging while I pushed my stroller, and therefore it ceased counting steps and merely logged it as exercise – outdoor cycling to be precise! As soon as I went in manually to enter my distance travelled on my walks, my step counter jumped up to anywhere from 15,000-20,000 daily steps!! At first I was really choked that I had spent evenings desperately marching around my house, swinging my arms like an idiot, but now I see the humour in it. Don’t stake your self-worth on fallible technology!

Weeks 2-3…

The challenge continues to be a great help and motivator to me. I’ve found that starting out my day with RUVI sets me up for success when it comes to my diet – I’m not sure if it’s all the micronutrients from all those fruits and veggies, or what it is, but I’m no longer having the horrible cravings for junk food that have plagued the beginning of this pregnancy. Staying away from fast food has almost been a non-issue. To be honest, I’ve started craving RUVI, and I will often have another one as my evening snack! I find the combination of RUVI and fresh fruits and veggies to get to my daily 10 servings fills me up so I’m not as hungry for the less healthy things I would usually snack on. I’m more hydrated than ever, more energetic, and have a very happy digestive system. I’ve also noticed my skin is much better, with less hormonal acne on my face and fewer eczema issues on my hands. I don’t know if RUVI has anything to do with it, but I’m also not having any leg cramps this pregnancy whereas they were a constant grief in my other pregnancies. After drinking a RUVI (or two!) a day for 21 days, I don’t have a single bad thing to say.

This is only the beginning though! Stay tuned for more updates as the challenge progresses, and I keep on drinking RUVI and waddling my way through into my third trimester!

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